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Hi and thanks for visiting us online!  We know that buying or selling a home is one of the most important things you will ever do and we want to help make that experience as smooth and successful as possible.  Please either call us at 804-241-3566 or email so one of our agents can […]

  • Community Events

    Oct 24, 9:00 am - Byrd Park Walkabout

    James River Hikers

    We’ll meet near the benches at the start of the Vita Course at 2701 Trafford Road. Parking is available along Trafford and Spottswood Roads. Our route will vary between the Vita Course, the lakes, the Carillon, the pump house, and the...

    Gangplank RVA: 2930 - Entrepreneur & Community Growth (Lean Coffee Style)

    Gangplank RVA

    This is for people interested in having conversations about real world issues in running a small business (or starting a new one). Bring your lunch and join us in the executive conference room on the second floor of Gangplank RVA. We'll be using...

    Cartwheels and Coffee

    Richmond Moms Of 2013 And 2014